Congratulations to the following students for their achievements as Visual Art Winners for the 2020 Walton County Fair. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, student artwork was not displayed at this year's fair; however, Dune Lakes Visual Arts Teacher, Ms. Whaley created a video highlight of our student's masterpieces. View the full list of winners below and click the link for Ms. Whaley's video!

Walton County Fair / 2020 Visual Art Winners / Dune Lakes Elementary

Kindergarten (Happy Flowers)
First place: Andrew Strelets
Second place: Sunny Williford
Third place: Luca Buchert

First grade (Sea Turtles)
First place: Captain Castleberry
Second place: Stanislav Doubenetski
Third place: Jay Taylor

Second grade (Fantasy Ice Cream Cones)
First place: Isaac Catalano
Second place: Jase Stogner
Third place: Aniston Carver

Third grade (Donut Prints)
First place: Elise Adams
Second place: Henry Bohannon
Third place: Jonah Provinse

Fourth grade (Groovy Zentangle)
First place: Caras Waller
Second place: Nina Farris
Third place: Mason Smith

Fifth grade (Shell Still Life)
First place: Alivia Conard
Second place: Rhylee Wilson