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Parent Drop-off and Pick-up Safety and Routines

Special Information just for our Car Riders

Student safety is a priority. School zone speed limits should be observed at all times. Students should be dropped off and picked up at the designated location for safety. Students should be escored at all times by a parent or staff member when arriving or deparing from campus. If you are tardy, escort your student(s) insdie the front office to sign in. Students should NOT walk along in the parking lot or at drop off sites if a staff member is not present.

Our new school has three car drop-off locations.  Staff will be at each of these areas at 7:15 a.m. each school day to assist your child to class. Dune Lakes staff works hard to make the car lines move as quickly and as safely as possible.  Here are few small things you can do to help keep the lines going:


1. Students may enter the the school at 7:15AM and should always be dropped off at the designated area. (See maps and routes sent home in backpacks.)
2. Please prepare your child to exit the car before arriving at the drop-off area.  Collecting backpacks, lunch boxes and water bottles can help student exit their car quickly.
3. Please remain in your car. Staff is there to assist your child. 
4. Please Load and Unload your student on the passenger side.  Students walking between cars or into traffic flow compromise their safety. 
5. Please DO NOT "pop-out" of the car line.  Passing cars in front of you creates a dangerous situation. Please be patient while the car in front of you loads their student. 
6. If you arrive after 7:30AM and a staff member has reported to duty and is not at the Drop-off location, please WALK your child in the front entrance and sign them in.  


1. Please remember your car tag and hang it clearly on your rear-view mirror.  If you do not have your car tag you will be asked to go to the Front Office and present your photo ID.  
2. Please remain in your car. DLE staff is there to assist your child into the car; getting out of your car continues to delay the car line and poses a safety issue with students and parents in the flow of traffic.
3. Please teach your child to buckle their own seat belt.
4. Please put your DLE student's carseat on the passenger side of the car if at all possible so your student can quickly and safelty enter your car.


If you are checking out your child please plan to before 2 PM.