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Library books are due by May 22nd.

Please return all library books to the drop box by the front door of the school. If a book has been lost, please pay the school to replace the book. No fines or fees are charged. Thank you!

Want to help?

Amazon Wishlist

Please consider donating to the Innovation Center Wish List! We need supplies, materials for our makers space area and a few decorations. Thank you!

Amazon Wish List

Library Volunteers Needed

Volunteering is on hold due to COVID-19. I will update this when I know more.

Please consider volunteering in the Innovation Center! I need help shelving books and straightening up the library. I also need help with other projects such as cataloging materials, preparing new books to be put on the shelves, creating bulleting boards and others. Stop by anytime to help or email me to setup a specific date and time. Thank you for your help!

[email protected]

About Mrs. Tomblin

Mrs. TomblinMrs. Ana Tomblin is the Media Specialist at Dune Lakes. She has a Master's of Education from Portland State University and a Media Specialist endorsement. She has been a teacher for 14 years and was a Media Specialist for 6 years in Portland, Oregon before moving to Florida. She loves to read and to inspire students to read. 

In her media classes students learn a wide variety of 21st century skills. Students learn how to locate materials in the library and use the library catalog. Students also conduct research projects, learning to evaluate sources of information and create presentations. Younger students learn the parts of a book, what authors and illustrators do, elements of fiction and non-fiction books (setting, plot, headings, captions etc...). Students create class books and write poetry. Mrs. Tomblin incorporates technology, teaching students to use google slides, forms, and docs, as well as how to take AR tests and use other school resources such as myON. Students are also read to and exposed to award winning literature and a love of reading is promoted. 

Mrs. Tomblin is also in charge of the Dune Lakes News show, a live news show produced by students and viewed by the whole school each morning. She facilitates student anchors, camera operator, light & sound technician, and script writers. The news show includes the pledge of allegiance, school announcements, a riddle of the week, a daily weather forecast, the lunch menu, AR club members and awards, information on our country of study, Sanford Harmony social emotional curriculum elements, vocabulary words, and more. 

Mrs. Tomblin can be reached by email: [email protected]

Follow her on Instagram: dunelakesinnovation

YouTube Channel: