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Coding for Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten and First Grade students are finishing out the year working on their programming skills. We have been using the app Kodable to build logic skills and have fun solving mazes. We will begin working with our codable robot friends Dot & Dash in the next week. If your child would like to use the Kodable app at home, it can be downloaded on iOS or used on a computer by going to

Typing for Second and Third Graders

All second and third graders have been registered to use a pilot typing program. Students can use the program at school or at home to work on their typing skills. The website is Students will need to sign in using their first and last name plus as the user name and their computer password as their password. The top 10 typists in each grade level at the end of April will receive a special treat from Mrs. Rentz.


Gaming for Fourth and Fifth Grade

Our fourth and fifth grade students are currently working on their careers as game designers. They are coming up with imaginative games as they learn about technology applications like Microsoft Word, Glowforge engraving, and 3D Printing. Games will be gifted to the school for all students to enjoy playing.