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STEM At Home Activities

Please use these activities to engage your children in educational STEM activities at home this week. All activities include materials you should have laying around your house, if not, get creative and improvise. I look forward to seeing what you create. Have fun!

Mrs. Rentz

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

This week all students will be working on their Keyboarding Skills. After six weeks of working at home, you are probably getting better at typing. Log in to your Classlink account and select the Keyboarding Without Tears app. You will be directed to lessons that are on your individual level of expertise. I know that it is easy to type using the same two fingers, but I encourage you to follow along with the program and use the correct fingers on the keyboard. This is the only way you will become an expert in the area of keyboarding.

Extra STEM Fun

Would you like the chance to win some cool prizes? Take part in the BreakOutEDU Live event each day this week and see if you can qualify to win one of the prizes listed below. There is a set of new prizes and games listed each week. Give it a try!