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Dune Lakes Traffic Flow 2022-2023

Traffic Flow 2022-2023

Beginning Wednesday, August 17, all 1st and 2nd graders will be dropped off and picked up in Zone 3 at the gym.  All Kindergartners will be dropped off and picked up in Zone 2 at entrance D.

Car Riders

Parents of Car Riders

Student safety is a priority. School zone speed limits should be observed at all times. Students should be dropped off and picked up at the designated location for safety. Students should be escored at all times by a parent or staff member when arriving or deparing from campus. 

If you are tardy, escort your student(s) insdie the front office to sign in. Students should NOT walk along in the parking lot or at drop off sites if a staff member is not present.

Dune Lakes Elementary has three car drop-off locations and one designated walker location.  Staff will be at each of these areas at 7:15 a.m. each school day to assist your child to class. Dune Lakes staff works hard to make the car lines move as quickly and as safely as possible.  Here are few small things you can do to help keep the lines going:


1. Students may enter the the school at 7:15AM and should always be dropped off at the designated area. (See maps and routes above.)
2. Pay attention to staff members and directional signage.  Our car line system stops cars in two rows and unloads 10 cars at a time. When all students are unloaded and clear, cars can give a "thumbs up" signaling they are ready to exit.  If the car line becomes backed-up, staff members will adjust protocol still using directional signage; please pay attention.  If you would like a video of this process, please click here.
3. Please prepare your child to exit the car before arriving at the drop-off area.  Collecting backpacks, lunch boxes and water bottles can help students exit their car quickly.
4. Please remain in your car. Staff is there to assist your child. 
5. Please Load and Unload your student with your CAR IN PARK. Students are walking between cars and your car being in park is added safety. 
6. Please do not park and walk your child into the building.  If you child is a car rider, they need to use the car line and exit from the car.  Please do not park and walk your child into the school.  This becomes a safty issue and can slow the car line. 
7. If you arrive after 7:35AM and staff members are no longer at the Drop-off location, please bring your child to the FRONT OFFICE and sign them in.  


1. Please remember your car tag and hang it clearly on your rear-view mirror or dash board.  If you do not have your car tag you will be asked to go to the Front Office and present your photo ID.  
2. Please pay attention to staff members and directional signage.
3. Please put your car in park for added saftey. 
4. Please remain in your car. DLE staff is there to assist your child into the car.
5. Please teach your child to buckle their own seat belt.
6. Please put your DLE student's carseat on the passenger side of the car. if at all possible so your student can quickly and safelty enter your car. 


If you are checking out your child please plan to before 1:45 P.M.

Bus Riders

Bus Safety

Dune Lakes Elementary School has a separate Bus Ramp on the west side of the building.  The Bus Ramp is for bus traffic only and not for visitor or car rider parking or pick-up.

  • MORNING Bus Riders arriving at school before 7:15 a.m. will be walked to the cafeteria.  They can eat breakfast and will then be dismissed to class at 7:15 a.m.
  • AFTERNOON Bus Riders will be walked to their bus by grade level staff. 


Walton County School District Transportation

Walton County School Disctrict maintains all bus transportation routes.
The Walton County School District Transportation Department’s main objective is to transport students to and from school in a safe and timely manner every day. The Walton County School District provides transportation to area schools according to “Transportation Routes.”
In addition to transporting students, the Transportation Department also:

  • Provides transportation for extra-curricular activities
  • Performs inspections on all buses to ensure safety
  • Trains prospective bus drivers in commercial driver training programs
  • Maintain all district vehicles to ensure safety
  • Issues vehicle numbers

Dune Lakes School Zone

The Dune Lakes Elementary School Bus Zone covers South of Choctawhatchee Bay as far West as Highway 393 then East to the Walton County/Bay County border.

Bus Bulletin

Bus Bulletin Logo

Would you like to know when your student's bus is going to be late?

The Transportation Department of Walton County School District is using Bus Bulletin notification system to notify parents and students when there are bus delays and schedule changes.

If you would like to receive instant notifications when delays or incidents affect your student's bus, please register with Bus Bulletin.

  • There is no cost for this service.
  • Registration is simple and fast.
  • You can choose to receive text messages, phone calls, and e-mails.
  • Enter up to seven different phone numbers.
  • All contact information is stored securely and will not be shared or sold - your privacy is protected.

For more information, or to sign-up and start receiving notifications, please visit: 

For help with registration, call Brenda Baker with Walton District Schools Transportation Department at (850) 892-1100 ext. 1642.