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Troubleshooting Tips | Need Help? The Answer Could Be Here!

Classlink Help

Classlink is a web-based service used by Walton County School District that allows students to access numerous applications (apps) through one User Name and Password.  Each student's page will be tailored to their teachers assignments.  Through Classlink students can access Khan Academy, Pearson, Google Classroom, Zearn, Headsproud and more!  

How does my student access Classlink?

Students can access Classlink a few ways:

- Access Classlink via the county's website at > Students > Classlink

- From a school device/laptop, click the Classlink Icon on the device's Desktop

- Click HERE and we'll take you there!  You can save it to your browser for future use.

My student's apps are not showing up in their ClassLink.

Please contact Nancy Rentz ([email protected]) for any technical issues.

Google Classroom Help

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a web based program allowing students and teachers to streamline assignments and information.  Dune Lakes students should access Google Classroom through their ClassLink login.  Here teachers have organized assignments and plans for their online learning. Google Classroom is currently available for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Google Classroom Tutorials

Translation Help

Use the link to access how to add the Google Translate Extension to your Google Chrome.  This allows students and their parents to convert all of the text on a webpage to a language other than English.

En español: use el enlace para acceder a cómo agregar la extensión Google Translate a su Google Chrome. Esto permite a los estudiantes y sus padres convertir todo el texto de una página web a un idioma que no sea inglés.

How to Add the Google Translate Extension to Google Chrome  

Renaissance Place Help


My student’s Renaissance Place account is locked, and they are unable to take an AR Test or access their account.

Too many entries of the wrong password will lock your account. Please contact Ana Tomblin ([email protected]) or Nancy Rentz ([email protected]) directly and they can reset your student’s account.

Why won't my student's AR Test work after 3p.m.?   

Originally, AR Tests were to be taken from home between 8am-3pm.  Effective April 1st (no, not an April Fools trick, ha!) students can take AR Tests during evening hours and on weekends.  For any AR Test issues, please contact Mrs. Ana Tomblin ([email protected])

Pearson Help

What is Pearson?

Pearson is a national company who provides online text book access for students and services Walton County School District.

Pearson Tutorials

MyOn Help

What is MyOn?

MyOn is an online library allowing Dune Lakes students access to thousands of books. Students can read the book, have the book read to them, or click on words to hear them.  MyOn also connects to their AR Reading program and automatically provides leveled reading options in their custom library. This porgram was purchased by our Sandpiper Boosters in 2018. 

MyOn Tutorials