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The information on this website does not and should not be considered an offer to buy or sell securities. In connection with certain outstanding public debt issues of the School Board of Walton County, Florida (the “School Board”), the School Board files, or causes to be filed, its offering statements, its audited financial statements, certain operating data and financial information, and occasional voluntary notices on the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access system (“EMMA”) which can be accessed at .The information on EMMA and this website is for informational purposes only, and does not include all information which may be of interest to a potential investor, nor does it purport to present full and fair disclosure within the meaning of the applicable federal securities laws. Such information about the School Board is only accurate as of its date, and the School Board undertakes no obligation to update such information beyond its date. No respresentation is being made that there has not been a change in the affairs of the School Board since such date. Such information is subject to change without notice and posting of other information on the website does not imply that there has been no change in the affairs of the School Board since the date of such information. The updating or lack of updating of any information contained on EMMA or this website should not be considered to convey a complete picture of the affairs of the School Board. Such information concerning past performance should not be relied upon as a forecast of future performance. Third party information is believed to be reliable; however, the School Board takes no responsibility for its accuracy.